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    Inter-Play Sport ARENAS

    In our offer, you could find outdoor facilities like arenas for sports activities. We have various option to choose - we propose arenas with or without football gates, with basketball table.

    Also, you could find simple gates for the soccer game and with the basket to play basketball too.

    It's a good idea for kids to spend time doing some activities outside. Our products are made of powder painted galvanized steel.

    Sport ARENAS products visualization

    Inter-Play - SOCCER COURT 1 (7x7m)
    SOCCER COURT 1 (7x7m)
    Inter-Play - SOCCER COURT 2 (7x7m)
    SOCCER COURT 2 (7x7m)
    Inter-Play - SOCCER COURT 3 (9x7m)
    SOCCER COURT 3 (9x7m)
    Inter-Play - SOCCER COURT 4 (9x7m)
    SOCCER COURT 4 (9x7m)
    Inter-Play - Sportplatz ARENA 1 (11x7m)
    Sportplatz ARENA 1 (11x7m)
    Inter-Play - Fußball ARENA 1a (11x7m)
    Fußball ARENA 1a (11x7m)
    Inter-Play - Sportplatz  ARENA 2 (25x12m)
    Sportplatz ARENA 2 (25x12m)
    Inter-Play - Sportplatz ARENA 2a (25x12m)
    Sportplatz ARENA 2a (25x12m)
    Inter-Play - Sportplatz ARENA 3 (21x12m)
    Sportplatz ARENA 3 (21x12m)
    Inter-Play - Fußball  ARENA 3a (21x12m)
    Fußball ARENA 3a (21x12m)
    Inter-Play - Sportplatz  ARENA 4 (25x12m)
    Sportplatz ARENA 4 (25x12m)
    Inter-Play - Fußball ARENA 4a (25x12m)
    Fußball ARENA 4a (25x12m)
    Inter-Play - Sportplatz ARENA 5 (29x16m)
    Sportplatz ARENA 5 (29x16m)
    Inter-Play - Fußball ARENA 5a (29x16m)
    Fußball ARENA 5a (29x16m)
    Inter-Play - Sportplatz ARENA 5b (29x16m)
    Sportplatz ARENA 5b (29x16m)
    Inter-Play - Fußball ARENA 5c (29x16m)
    Fußball ARENA 5c (29x16m)
    Inter-Play - SOCCER  ARENA 6 (39x20m)
    SOCCER ARENA 6 (39x20m)
    Inter-Play - SOCCER  ARENA 6a (39x20m)
    SOCCER ARENA 6a (39x20m)
    Inter-Play - TOR 1
    TOR 1
    Inter-Play - GATE 2
    GATE 2
    Inter-Play - TOR 3
    TOR 3
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